A Family Business

It tradition and history

Aubry-Cadoret has always been a family business and that is still the case today a company owned by a family. It is the GOUBET family that owns this family business now since February 4, 2008.

The company was created in 1890 by Gustave Aubry, is one of the last French manufacturers in his sector meaning silverware. Till today this company is one of the most famous in the world for it’s traditional silverware.

Aubry-Cadoret is one of the few French companies in this sector have received the label "Living Heritage Company "awarded, according to the Ministry of Economy and Finance in France ," companies holding a specific economic heritage, a know-how rare, a reputation for a territorial anchor". A wealth of the French culture, That the new owner of the Company will account to share more extensively.
Living Heritage Company

A creative and contemporary

Its ambition today, is to maintain a unique know-how, while developing and creating to adapted to a more contemporary way of life.

Elisabeth Goubet: "The silverware is of high quality, and it is made to be used everyday, do you know that we are the first to have developed a welding process that allows our products to go into an oven and dishwasher, this is essential to keep up to date with the modern world".

Aubry-Cadoret today has a shop in Paris. Its products has been in use since more than a century it is the most renowned of France, as well as the French Embassies in the world.