Repairs and Resilvering

We can restore and resilver your silverware

Aubry-Cadoret offers you the services of resilvering of your pieces of jewelry and repair of all your objects in metal. Our specialised silversmiths perform work of restoring all metals: silver, brass, copper, tin, bronze… All of our repair and resilvering are made by French silversmiths.

The services of restoration of metal proposed by Aubry-Cadoret:

  • Gilding

  • Resilvering of high quality, in the French standards

  • chrome plating of blades of knives

  • Resilvering of cutlery, with a service of full repair at very reasonable prices (for example 22 euros for a spoon or forks we can also remove dent, straightening the teeth of the fork, we can un-engrave and resolver to your standards).

  • Vernissage of candlesticks in metal

  • replacements of ebony coves

  • We do all types of welding

We realize the work of resilvering and repair of metals as well for professionals and individuals.

Ask your quotation on the spot at our store or by mail by sending a photo of the piece of jewelry to restore to the address or 01 47 00 17 22 from 10h to 18h everyday apart from Sunday

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our services of restoration and resilvering