Silver Pieces

Since 1980, Aubry Cadoret, silversmith have always been in Paris, we manufactures and sells a wide range of parts of gold and silverware, ranging of medals of baptism until the cutlery in plated silver and jewel cases.

Find here all our pieces of jewelry in solid silver and silverplated.

Choose your tooth fairy box

A tooth ferry box is a jewel case ideal for keeping the first tooth (baby teeth) lost by your child. Aubry Cadoret, Goldsmith in Paris offers you a set of boxes to put different tooth.

Find a perfect picture frame in plated silver or solid silver.

The picture frames Aubry Cadoret are real silversmiths pieces selected with care. What better than these picture frames to wrap the photos of your most beautiful memories.

A egg cup in silver for baptism

Baptisms gives the best opportunity to offer beautiful gifts that the child will be able to keep his whole life in remembering this day in particular. Discover the different types of egg cups proposed by Aubry Cadoret

Our Selection of Cutlery in Solid Silver

The cutlery for children selected by Aubry Cadoret are beautiful objects to offer. These cutlery will accompany the child throughout his life.

Our jewel cases to hold your cutlery

The cutlery cases Aubry Cadoret are objects of goldsmiths, it is important to properly protect. That is why we propose you a whole range of jewel cases to covered.

Baptism Medals From Aubry Cadoret

Make your choice among the wide range of baptism medals proposed by Aubry Cadoret. Our medals are all in gold.

Trays In solid Silver From Aubry Cadoret

The trays in solid silver by Aubry Cadoret are available in 3 models: the trays to trimmed edges, the trays with handles and the trays to simple edges. Our silver trays are from the best of the French manufacturing.

Choose your napkin ring for a baptism

The napkin rings for baptism are made by our silversmith straight in Paris. The products are made solid silver of an excellent quality and is manufactured in France.

Offer a Baby cup for a baptism

The baby cup for a baptism Aubry Cadoret can guarantee to offer an original gift. Trust the silversmith of Paris we offer you products of quality.

Piggy Bank in Plated Silver

The piggy bank in solid silver proposed by Aubry Cadoret are objects of arts which will appeal to the younger crowd. A significant selection is available: car beetle piggy bank, giraffe piggy bank, sheep piggy bank...